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Win a TWENTY DOLLAR Gift Certificate to Half.com!
The directions are simple. Just look at the lists of food items that I found in my pantry (and fridge) and submit a recipe to use 1 or more of these items. The recipes with the most points will be prepared by me and tested by my family. The person who submits the best recipe will win the Gift Certificate to Half.com. Good Luck!!
Here are the rules:
For each item that you can use from my "Pantry", you get 1 point. If you use a an item that is BOLD you get two points. Then your recipe will recieve between 1 and 10 points based on what sounds good to myself and my family. You can enter as many times you want and you can use someone else's recipe if you give them credit for it. You can use UP TO 5 items that are not listed below with a cost of no more than TEN DOLLARS. You can send me a recipe for a meal or snack or just an idea.

  My Pantry: Salsa With Cilantro (3 - 14.5oz cans), Whole Tomatoes (3 -14.5oz cans), Stewed Tomatoes (3 - 14.5oz cans), Italian Stewed Tomatoes (2 - 28oz cans), Tomato Sauce (2 - 14.5oz cans), Cream of Mushroom Soup (10.75oz can), Cream of Asparagus Soup (10.75oz can), Lima Beans (2 - 8.5oz cans), Mushroom Pieces (3 - 4oz cans), Refried Beans (16oz can), Coconut Milk (14oz can), Enchilada Sauce (2 - 19oz cans), Black Olives (2 - 6oz cans), Vanilla Pears (15oz can), Condensed Milk (14oz can), Corned Beef (2 - 12oz cans), Luncheon Meat (12oz can), Mandarin Oranges (30oz can), Meat Tortellini (15oz can), Diced Beets (2 - 20oz cans), Beef Tamales (15oz can), Apple Juice (46oz can), Vegetable Juice (46oz can), Manzanilla Olives (10oz jar), Pizza Sauce (14oz jar), Natural Peanutbutter creamy (36oz jar), Natural Peanutbutter crunchy (16oz jar), Bakers Cocoa (2 - 38oz container), Baker's unsweetened chocolate (4oz cubes), Mounds Coconut (4oz), Walnuts (1 cup), Crisco (48oz tub), Mini Marshmallows (4oz), Redskin Peanuts (15oz), Whole Almonds (1 cup), Crystal Light Peach Tea (3 tubs), Crystal Light Raspberry Tea (3 tubs), Sweet & Low (20 packets), Sugar Twin (1 cup - brown sugar), Sugar Twin (1 cup - white sugar), Folders Singles (10 bags), All-purpose Flour (10 lbs), Sugar (5lbs), Italian Salad Dressing Mix, Ranch Salad Dressing Mix, Onion Soup Mix, Hamburger Helper Lasagna Mix, Sugar-free Jello - Orange, Sugar-free Jello - Raspberry, Miracle Whip (1 large jar), Isolated Soy Protien, Mixed Nuts (2oz), Tuna (6oz), Nori (seaweed - 6 sheets), Animal Crackers (18oz).
**Other assorted items**

pretzels, Cherrios, Kix, Spices, Pastas, Rice, and Breads.

  My Fridge and Freezer: Milk, Cheddar Cheese, Swiss Cheese, eggs, Mozzerella, ketchup, yellow mustard, dijon mustard, mayonaise, tortillas, bacon, soup bases, chicken broth, vegetable broth, browned ground beef, browned italian sausage, and cooked chicken.

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