Have you ever needed 10,000 recipes?
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Well, most people don't need 10,000 recipes, but its fun to have them!
I love that when someone asks me for a recipe that 9 out of 10 times I actually have it! I have probably never made it, but I have it! I love going through all of these recipes and imagining that I have all the time, money, and stomach to make them. IF ONLY!!! Enjoy these sites and dont get lost exploring them... remember to come up for air!

SOAR - The best searchable online archived recipe database!

Busy Cooks - Home Page
100,000+ recipes, a software, games, quiz, poll

Welcome To The Recipe Links Page

Food, Cooking & Recipes

All About Food - Recipes in MasterCook Format

HackerLar's Recipe Archive

Now You're Cooking! Recipe Software


The UK Recipe Archive

My Recipes - Hundreds of recipes, a virtual cook book to collect them and a Canadian cheese encyclopedia

Top Secret Recipes on the Web

Our Favorite Links - Christian, Music, Cooking, Web Resources, Best of the Rest

DSM - Recipe Directory

Organic Kitchen Recipes

The Kitchen Link

CopyKat.com - Your home for recipes you'd normally find AWAY from home.

Jim Speirs' Cooking Page

The Kitchen Link